We are looking for offshore nurses.

The company is looking to recruit nurses who have the necessary training and certificates for work off shore and on board ship. Essentially candidates would require a valid security clearance pass and current medical certificates for service on board ship. We are a small staffing firm, run by people that have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients, as we are all medical professionals with the attendant training and expertise. We understand the complexities of health care issues and can therefore provide support and detailed guidance to our clients and can tailor our services to their individual needs and requirements.



  • State Registered Nurse with Norwegian Authorisation.

  • 5 years of experience in medical care of which at least 2 years should be of emergency care /1st line emergency (ambulance, surgery, intensive)

  • AHLR - Advanced heart and Lung rescue.

  • STCW 95 / OLF

  • HUET

  • Health Certificate.


    Send application letter, CV and relevant certificates by e-mail: damja@inco-offshore.com or correspondence: Inco AS, Box 664, 4003 Stavanger, Norway.


    For enquiries about engaging our services please contact Offshore Medical Coordinator Dag Magne Jacobsen by phone: + 47 524 14 516 or e-mail: damja@inco-offshore.com