About Inco


The company was founded in 1994 and focuses on the provision of health care and health care personnel to operators and contractors in the oil industry both here in Norway and also internationally. We can offer everything from occupational health service, to the provision of nursing staff on short term contract. We do also provide dive companies with emergency arrangements for dive operations internationally. Inco personnel have participated in operations in the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf. Inco has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Spain and the company is constantly growing.


Managing Director, Stein I Modahl, has worked in the oil industry since 1982 and has particular expertise in the provision of medical services to the diving industry.


Offshore Medical Coordinator, Dag Magne Jacobsen, has been a health professional since 1997, working offshore since 2005, two years after he started as Hyperbar nurse. Dag has been our medical coordinator since 2008. He has also undertaken assignments on construction vessels carrying out health and hygiene audit.


The Discovery Channel filmed a documentary on the Skandi Arctic, a vessel to which we have often provided personnel. The film shows the tasks our health service personnel can provide.

Watch the film here!